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Are You Ready To Join Countless Others Who Are Seeing How Empowering
And Effective This Miracle Manifesting Program Truly Is?
Revealed: A Proven And Effective System To Recreate Your Reality
Through The Life Changing Process Of Manifesting Miracles
The Time Has Come To Experience The True Joy And Happiness That Life
Has To Offer Through The Experience Of Divine Intervention Every Day"

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Magical Keys Normally Sells For $37
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"The name alone of Yanni's book conjures up visions of infinite
possibilities that reside within us. Magical Keys to Self-Mastery:
Creating Miracles in Your Life takes you by the hand and shows you
that Peace of Mind is just a thought and a breath away. In the
tradition of the Master teachers, Yanni not only gives you the tools to
peace and success, but shows you how to use them. Make sure you have a
copy of this magical volume on your bookshelf."

---John Harricharan, award-winning author of the bestseller,

When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat


#1 Bestseller on Amazon Kindle

Bestseller List for Books on Meditation

Winner of the North American Bookdealers Exchange (NABE)

Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for

Inspirational Books

Dear Friend:

Do you feel physically and/or emotionally drained?
Do you feel as though you have no purpose in life?
Do wish that you had a better quality of relationships in your life?
If you've answered Yes to any one of these questions then this may very
well be the most important letter you ever read because I'll be sharing
with you three simple but powerful secrets that will change your life

"Read it. Read it again. Underline and highlight.
Give copies to anyone you care about."

"When Yanni speaks in person, he radiates a gentle quietness that is
immediately recognizable. Reading Magical Keys is a lot like
speaking with him. From the pages of his book you'll get some of the
same profound stillness.

"[Magical Keys is] engagingly written.... I couldn't put it down"

I highly recommend Magical Keys. Read it. Read it again. Underline
and highlight. Give copies to anyone you care about at all. But the
most crucial point - do explore meditation for yourself. Then, all
the way to your core, you'll begin experiencing the serene kind of
power that Yanni describes here."
--Charles Burke, author of Command More Luck & Inside the Minds of
Winners BullsEye-Living

Who Am I And Why You Should Listen To What I Have To Say?

My name is Yanni Maniates and I was raised in a very rambunctious,
noisy southern-Mediterranean family. Everyone figured that the more
noise and drama tere was, the better things would be! Worrying about
everything was our primary amusement.

So, there I was, an only child, living with my parents in a certifiably
insane family surrounded as well by a dysfunctional extended family.
"What a long strange trip it's been!"
In those days I felt a complete lack of focus or desire in my life.
I knew I had a purpose to fulfill but I had no idea what it was or how
it was supposed to come to fruition.
And the more I thought about it, the more confused I became.
It was a viscous cycle of thoughts racing through my mind that were
getting me absolutely NOWHERE.
I realized that if I didn't find a way to calm down and become less
stressed out that I wouldn't live a very happy or long life.
So, one day I decided to break out of the old mold.
No longer wanting to live within the belief system my family had
chosen, I set out on mission to find "peace of mind."
Since it was in the 1960's, all kinds of gurus from the East were
available with various forms of Meditation and Self-Mastery techniques.
So, I began my search in fertile ground. Within a few years I had found
a couple of techniques that suited me best and I was happily meditating
and feeling a lot less stressed.
But what I learned was very a very tiny piece of the puzzle.
It wasn't until I discovered the first secret that I want to share with
you today and what to do about it, that I began experiencing
outstanding results in my life.
Are you ready?

Here Is Secret # 1

True success and happiness comes when you are at peace spiritually,
emotionally, physically, financially and mentally.
If any of those elements are missing, you will experience something
known as call a spiritual imbalance.
And when it happens, you will forever feel a void within that can begin
affecting you in more ways than you can imagine.
This spiritual imbalance is literally what separates those who
experience success on all levels from those who work hard, pay their
dues and still fail miserably.
Now realize that when I say failure, I'm not just talking about the act
of not achieving a goal. I'm also talking about the feeling of being a
Because let's face it; your reality is nothing more than your perceived
So if you FEEL like a failure, you are, no matter what great results
you may have achieved in life.
This is often why we see people who seem to "have it all" like
Hollywood celebrities or professional athletes who are constantly
ruining their lives through the use of drugs, alcohol or anything else
that they feel will mask the pain represented by the imbalance within
Haven't you ever come across a person - who in your mind has everything
anyone could ever ask for - but feels unfulfilled or as though they are
a failure?
Most of the time we see people like this and can't understand how they
could feel like failures with what they have achieved in life - be it
fame, fortune, stardom, wealth, etc.
But what is occurring here are the effects of spiritual imbalance. The
void begins to take hold of the mind and they literally start creating
a dark reality for themselves.
So let me ask you; is there a part (or parts) of your life that you
just can't seem to excel at no matter how hard you try?
Is there one area - that you wish for just a second - could come as
easy to you as it does for others?
Are you beginning to think that maybe you're "cursed" or that the
Universe is working against you in this particular area for whatever
Well I'm here to tell you that you can achieve success in EVERY single
area of your life.
You just have to know how to solve the problem.
And that solution is what I realized in the second secret that to want
to share with you today....

Here Is Secret # 2

The second secret that I want to share with you today has to do with
A miracle is defined as an unexpected event that takes place as a
result of divine intervention.
Perhaps this has happened to you sometime in your life; you are in a
situation where it seemed as though the odds were against you and there
was no way possible that you could win and suddenly a life changing
positive outcome took place in your favor.
Or maybe there was a point in your life where nothing seemed like it
was going right and suddenly soaring out of the blue all these great
things began to happen to you.
You may have called these things, miracles or good luck.
You may have attributed them to nothing more than mere chance, but the
reality is that beneath the surface, something extremely fascinating
and powerful is taking place.
You see whether you realize it or not your reality or what you
experience in your reality is nothing more than what you perceive
reality to be.
Therefore, the key to experiencing a life of joy, happiness and
fulfillment lies within. It lies in being able to change your mind and
your belief system.
This certainly may not be news to you and I'm sure you've heard
countless people tell you this.
But what they haven't told you is HOW you actually accomplish this
And that's what I want to share in the third secret.

Here Is Secret #3

Secret number three has to do with the most effective thing you can do
to clear your mind; it's called Meditation.
Now I know you may have heard of Meditation before, but you should
realize (as I did) that Meditation is more than simply learning to
Meditation is an incredibly profound system that helps you to totally
change the way you view yourself and the world and, therefore, it
radically impacts how you experience the world.
Mediation is like an "owner's manual" for your mind.
It teaches you the importance of being aware of the workings of your
mind and then helps you learn how to master your thoughts and feelings
so you can actually become empowered to pick and choose what you think
and feel and, as a result, pick and choose what you experience in your

Here's What Countless Years Of Research And
Experience Have Shown Me

Until you gain complete spiritual balance, you will forever feel stuck
in certain areas of your life which will cause a feeling of emptiness
Until you begin to change your thought processes and give your mind
what it needs, you won't be able to solve this problem.
Without meditation, you can't accomplish what I just mentioned.
While they may sound extremely simple, these 3 secrets that I have just
shared with you basically encompass everything you ever need to know
about attaining true spiritual Oneness with the Universe which will
help you feel less stressed and anxious and more happy and empowered
all at the same time.

"He shines light on the path that will lead ordinary lives to
extraordinary happiness."

"There is a place within each one of us where the waters are calm,
the sweetness of spring blossoms fills the air, and birds sing with
uncommon splendor. It is a magical place of understanding, of
healing, and where miracles are routine. In MagicalKeys to Self
Mastery, Yanni Maniates teaches how to find this special place. He
shine light on the path that will leas ordinary lives to
extraordinary happiness."
--William E. Hablitzel, M.D., author of Dying Was the Best Thing
That Ever Happened to Me: Stories of Healing and Wisdom Along Life's
Journey; dyingwasthebestthing

Here's The Truth

Even though what I've shared with you is simple, it's not easy for many
You see, there's a big difference between something being simple and
something being easy.
Simple means the concept isn't hard to understand. Easy means the
concept can be applied with minimal effort.
And the truth is...meditation can be HARD work for some people.
Try telling someone who just lost their job or just came out of a long
relationship to try to quiet their mind. It's extremely challenging.
Knowing this, I set out on a life mission many years ago to create a
system that could serve as a universal resource that ANYONE could use
to master the art of mediation and begin manifesting miracles in their
life simple AND easily.
And now, after years of research, practice, dedication and experience
I'm happy to say that system is finally here.

order.jpg - 5933 Bytes-

Introducing "The Magical Keys of Self Mastery"
by Yanni Maniates

(This program consists of a 175 page electronic manual along with
a 35 page study guide and 3 hour audio)

Here's a snapshot of what you will discover in this life changing
The Unique Power Within - Here you'll discover the key to utilizing the
individual power that resides within you personally.
The Power Of Visualization - One of the main elements involved in
utilizing the law of attraction is the ability to visualize the way you
want your future to look. Here you will learn a how to effectively
leverage the power of visualization.
The Key To The Opening Process - In order for the manifesting process
to be effective, you must be open to receiving what the universe
Achieving Internal Happiness - Here you'll discover how you can find
true happiness within regardless of what your external world looks like
at all times and never take anything for granted.
Everyday Manifestation - Discover the secret to ensuring that every day
of your life starts out in the right direction.
Creating Universal Response - Here you'll discover exactly how you can
create the response from the universe that you desire every single
Manifesting Miracles In Relationships - Here I'll show you how to
attract everything you've ever wanted in terms of relationships into
your life.
The Role Of Self Reflection - Your view of yourself or your self
reflection is extremely important in the manifesting process. Here
I'll show you how to ensure your outlook remains positive.
Overcoming Personality Obstacles - Manifesting miracles will at times
involve dealing with difficult people. Here I'll show you how to
overcome any obstacles that you may come across so that the desired
outcome always takes place regardless of who's involved.
Paradigm Shift To Attract Money - Discover a powerful secret to using
your perspective on life to attract more money into it.
The Key To Constant Happiness - Just because you have everything you've
ever wanted in life doesn't necessarily mean that you will always be
happy. Here you'll discover exactly how to do just that.
The Secret To Everyday Success - Learn a special technique to ensure
every day is a successful and happy one.
The Importance Of Stillness - Discover the power of gaining complete
oneness with the universe and clearing your mind.

The Keys to Relaxing and Managing Stress - Effortlessly release the
debilitating effects of Stress.

Use These Techniques With Your Family and Children - Examples of how to
incorporate these techniques into the core of your life.

Learn to "Listen" to the Wisdom Within You - Access the "still, small
voice within" where all your Wisdom resides.

"Magical Keys is a gift to the world, written in the simplest, gentlest
and most profound of languages--Love."

"Magical Keys is a gift to the world, written in the simplest,
gentlest and most profound of languages: "love. I can't think of
anyone else in this busy hectic world more qualified than Yanni to
deliver this message of "connectedness" to the world. His words are
genuine and effective because he walks the enlightened walk. Anyone
who reads this book will be able to apply the lessons easily. The
results will have immediate and long-lasting positive effects, which
will also ripple out to the lives of those around them."
--Janis Hauser, Author, Free to Be Fit! free2befit

"This book is a must-read for the student of meditation or intuition."

"Magical Keys to Self Mastery is a simple, yet elegant, clear, easy
to read and understand guide to bringing the joys of meditation,
intuition and the "path of the heart" into your life and into the
life of your loved ones and children. Few have the wisdom and gentle
ways that distinguish Yanni Maniates.
Loving husband, father, teacher of intuition, meditation and
Self-Mastery and baseball coach, Yanni lives his life in the same
way he writes; with warmth, simplicity, compassion, kindness,
passion and always in alignment with the wisdom and joy of his soul.
This book is a must-read for the student of meditation or intuition.
Do yourself a favor and get a hold Magical Keys. You will be giving
yourself a great gift!"
--Susan Barbara Apollon, PA Licensed Psychologist & Author of
Touched by the Extraordinary

"Yanni has penned a simple yet insightful masterpiece..."

"Yanni has penned a simple yet insightful masterpiece that covers
more than the 1-2-3s of meditation. Yanni delves into the principles
of energy and manifestation that radically affect your everyday
life. By applying his simple suggestions, you can see profound
changes in your energy, your body and your destiny."
--Jon Benson, creator of "MPowerFitness" and author of
"FitOver40" jonbenson

"Magical Keys is both heartfelt and practical."

"If you want peace, Yanni Maniates shows you the path. He
masterfully guides you to connect with the divine experience of both
yourself and others. Yanni"s book, Magical Keys to Self-Mastery is
both heartfelt and practical."
--Terri Marie, award-winning author of Be the Hero of Your Own Game.

Now that you understand that manifesting miracles in your life is
completely and truly possible in every sense of the word, and now that
you have a powerful resource to help you do so, what will you do next?
Your only answer to this question should be to take action.
Action makes everything else effective.
Inaction makes everything else useless.
Therefore, if you truly want to take your life to the next level, you
must act and not wait.
I'm going to make that decision to act as easy as humanly possible for
you, by doing just a few things.
The first thing that I'm going to do is allow you to try my empowering
program for a full 60 days before you decide if you want to keep it.
Here's how it works

My Absolutely Can't Fail You, Unconditional, Completely Risk-Free, No
Questions Asked, 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.
Go Ahead And Order "The Magical Keys To Self Mastery" Program. Download
The Electronic Manual As Well As The 3 Hour Recording And All The
Bonuses And Let The Door To Your New Life Open.
If You're Not Absolutely Convinced That It Will Change Your Life For
The Better And If It Isn't Everything I Say It Is And More, Then I
Don't Want You To Pay For It. Just Contact My Support Team And We'll
Send You A Refund, No Questions Asked.
All The Risk Is Now Gone Because I'm The One Taking The Chance Here.

The second thing I'm going to do is make this program extremely
affordable to own.
When I think about what most people can afford I think about what most
people spend their money on each day, week or month. The answers I
come up with are cable TV service ($50 a month), cell phone service
($100 a month) and trips to the local coffee shop ($100 a month).

What that tells me is that most people can easily afford to spend
around $100 per month on things that they want, even things that may
not necessarily change their life....

This program WILL beyond a shadow of a doubt change your life, but you
won't pay $100 a month for it.
Better than that, you won't even make a one-time payment of $100 for
In fact, you won't even make a one-time payment of $50 for it.
Instead, I'm going to offer at this life changing program to you today
for just $47, $37.
Today's Price - $27

But Wait.....That's Not All

Listen, you and I both know that in order for any of this to work you
have to take action.
And the first step is to actually make the investment to change your
life by owning The Magical Keys To Self Mastery program today.
And it's no secret that most people take action when the offer is
simply irresistible.
So to make this offer irresistible, I'm also willing make include these
life changing bonuses as my free gift to you if you order today:

Bonus # 1

water.jpg - 12442 Bytes

"When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat"
by John Harricharan

"When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat" is the award-winning
bestseller by John Harricharan. This inspiring "Waterbook" will take
you on an amazing journey through pain, challenges and sacrifice from
which you'll emerge with a glorious new perspective.

Harricharan's inspirational point of view created an international
following that caused "When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat" to be
published in the languages of English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and
Italian. The Russian and Romanian editions will be available soon.

The hard copy sells at amazon for $16.95

Bonus #2

morning.jpg - 12880 Bytes

"Morning Has Been All Night Coming"
by John Harricharan

The amazing sequel to "When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat" is
"Morning Has Been All Night Coming" by John Harricharan.

The "Waterbook" saga continues as we are shown how to cope with and
overcome the most serious challenges life can offer. Truly
inspirational... A life changing read!

The hard copy sells at amazon for $16.95

Bonus #3

journey.jpg - 13087 Bytes

"Journey in the Fields of Forever"
by John Harricharan

The inspiring conclusion, "Journey in the Fields of Forever," is the
third (and last) book in John Harricharan's phenomenal "Waterbook"
trilogy. This volume has become a favorite of many "Waterbook" fans.
You won't want to miss this concluding episode.

Value: $16.95

Bonus #4

joesebook.jpg - 13974 Bytes

"The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History! "
by Joe Vitale

This global best-seller reveals the all-time greatest secret for
producing money in your life. The stories are inspiring. The method
works. They don't involve any of your usual thoughts about money. This
one will open your heart and turn you into a magnet for more money now!
Introduction by John Harricharan.

Value: $13.95

Bonus #5


A Spiritual Matter"

& a 13-week E-course
by Rick Beneteau

Discover The Single, Little-Known But Incredibly Powerful Key Used By
The Most Successful Entrepreneurs on the Planet to Unlock The Door to
an Overflowing Cache of Wealth, Abundance, and Success!

"I've read probably 1000 books on the topics of business, spirituality,
and motivation. Rick Beneteau's book, 'Success: A Spiritual Matter,' is
the best I've seen at addressing all these critical issues in one
-- Paul Myers, Publisher, TalkBiz News

Value: $49.97

Bonus #6

gettingtojoy1.jpg - 49766 Bytes

"Getting to Joy "
by Charles Burke

As best-selling author Dr. Joseph Murphy, in his landmark book "The
Power of Your Subconscious Mind," wrote:

"Whatever thoughts, beliefs, opinions, theories, or dogmas you write,
engrave, or impress on your subconscious mind, you will experience them
as the objective manifestation of circumstances, conditions, and
events. What you write on the inside, you will experience on the

Value: $5.95

That's a total combined value of $120.72 yours today for only $27.
Ok, now that you know exactly what you are getting and how it can
change your life, you have three options:
Ignore This Newfound Information (This Is Called Passing Up A
Great Opportunity)
Think About Whether Or Not This Is For You (When There's No Risk
Involved, This Is Called Procrastination)
Own This Information And Put It To Use (This Is Called Being
Proactive And Taking Action)
I think you can clearly see which option will be the most beneficial
for you.
Own The Magical Keys To Self Mastery today and let it transform your
life just as it has for countless others.
So let me ask you those same three questions I did earlier:
Do you feel physically and/or emotionally drained?
Do you feel as though you have no purpose in life?
Do wish that you had a better quality of relationships in your life?
Now ask yourself......
"What Are You Going To Do About It?"
Your time to live the life you've always wanted is here. It is right
All you need to do is seize it! There's no need to wait any longer,
order now and take the first step to changing your life for the better!
Let's recap everything you're getting through this amazing offer:

1) The Magical Keys Ebook in a downloadable PDF format.

And along with all that you will get a very special collection of Audio
and PDF bonuses, which will enhance your experience of "Magical Keys."

2) I have recorded "Magical Keys" for your listening pleasure. So, you
get the almost 3 hour recording of the Magical Keys book in MP3 format.

3) Additionally, I have recorded Four Guided Meditations for you based
on Meditation exercises that I have outlined in the book.

1. How to prepare to meditate: 6:14

2. Abdominal Breathing Meditation: 7:38
3. Breathing Meditations to Master Stress: 16:29
4. Creating the Experiences & Qualities You Want in Your Life
5. "Being" the Child Within: A Meditation for Children and Adults:

These recordings provide you with 46 minutes of Guided Meditations.

4) And as a further bonus I have added a 35 page Meditation booklet in
PDF format that includes the entire text of the Guided Meditations.

5) As well, there is the audio recording of a 48 minute presentation
Meditation--A Way to Become Physically, Mentally and Metaphysically Fit
that describes in detail the physiological and psychological benefits
of Meditation. This answers a lot of the questions that my students
have posed to me over the years.

6) The PDF transcription of the Meditation--A Way to Become
Physically, Mentally and Metaphysically Fit

Plus I have added one of my very popular full-length Meditation CDs in
MP3 format to the package!

7) Peace of Mind is a Breath Away: Breathing Free Meditations

1. How to prepare to meditate: 6:14
2. Abdominal Breathing meditation: 14:21
3. Introduction to Mastering the Emotions with the Breath: 10:02
4. Mastering the Emotions with the Breath meditation: 23:11
5. Peace of Mind is a Breath Away meditation: 20:04

Master Keys
Find the "Master Keys"
to living your life to its fullest

order.jpg - 5933 Bytes-

The cost for the "Magical Keys" package is only [DEL: $37 :DEL] $27!

Just so you know, you'll be able to listen to all these audio files on
your computer or download them and make CDs for listening while you are
in your car. You might even want to download them to an iPod or other
mp3 listening device so you can enjoy them at your convenience. The
choice is yours.
Now I've done my part. I've done the research and came up with a
winning formula that I KNOW will change your life forever.
Now it's your turn.
Own The Magical Keys To Self Mastery program today, and in as little as
a few hours you can begin putting your new found knowledge to
work.......... and change your life.
To your success,
Yanni Maniates

order.jpg - 5933 Bytes-

One final note....

PS - Remember you have nothing to lose and everything to gain
because if
you are not 100% satisfied with this program, you can return it
for a full refund

with no questions asked.

PPS - The first step toward manifesting miracles is taking action
today. The

action you take today will positively impact your life moving
forward. So don't

wait any longer.

Everyday, I hear from people whose lives have been changed by
using the

"Magical Keys." They tell me how wonderfully their lives have
changed and

how simple it was to do. This is the opportunity you have been
waiting for.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Click the link at the
bottom of this

page to grab your very own copy of the "Magical Keys" and all the


"Every once in a while, every once in a long, long while, you meet a
person whose honor, kindness, spirituality and talents touch your
innermost being..."

"Every once in a while, every once in a long, long while, you meet a
person whose honor, kindness, spirituality and talents touch your
innermost being. I was fortunate to meet one such person whose name
is Yanni Maniates. Being around him gives you a feeling that all is
well. Reading his books and listening to his audios fill you with
hope and a feeling of peace and joy. I am fortunate to call this man
my friend. The world is blessed to have him here at this time.
Listen to what he has to say."

--John Harricharan, award-winning author of the bestseller, When You
Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat and the creator of the ground-
breaking PowerPause system

guarantee.jpg - 6700 Bytes

There is a 100% money-back guarantee for the whole Magical Keys to

Self-Mastery: Creating Miracles in Your Life package. If, for any

you are not satisfied with Magical Keys, just let me know within 8

of your purchase and you'll be given a courteous, prompt refund.

Remember, you can download Magical Keys and its bonuses almost

immediately after you purchase, even if it's 2:00 o'clock in the

order.jpg - 5933 Bytes-

The cost for the "Magical Keys" package is only [DEL: $37 :DEL] $27!
Copyright 2007, 2010, 2011 "Magical Keys to Self-Mastery: Creating
Miracles in Your Life
All right reserved. Yanni Maniates, Mentor with the Masters" Press,
Life Mastery Institute
520 Stevens Road
Morrisville, PA 19067

Email: yanni.maniates@verizon

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